gaskell wheels 

Thank you for adopting these wheels! Happy spinning, everyone!

1) Probably an Older Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

This is a good beginner wheel. The wheel has one ratio (speed relative to treadling) on the slow side. Modern Ashford Traditional bobbins fit the current flyer if a small spacer is used at the flyer end. Later, the use could be expanded with a new flyer from Ashford to extend the types of yarn that can be readily spun.

This wheel has had its leather bearings lubricated and its single-drive driveband replaced. It has a small fragile Ashford sticker partially attached.


2) Mother Marion Kick-Spindle

This spindle is under construction to recenter the weight to make it spin longer.


3) Probably an Ashford Elizabeth Spinning Wheel

Beautiful modern wheel. The wheel faces have been refinished, leaving light wheel faces, dark details and body. The axel has been straightened, and the drive band replaced. Currently configured for double drive, the wheel is also capable of Scotch tension.

The wheel comes with four bobbins and a horizontal lazy kate.


4) Journey Wheel

Beautiful modern portable wheel. This wheel has been made quieter by replacing the drive bands. It is a single treadle model.

The wheel comes with extra bobbins and a carrying case.